• Programmable automatic socket assembly equipment allows any custom contact footprint to be assembled
  • Qualified to both EIA-540BOAE and Telcordia GR-1217-CORE
  • Conventional connector material construction - gold over nickel plated beryllium copper contacts, high temperature thermoplastic housings
  • Solderless socket termination eliminates thermal stress of soldered socket products, allows field device upgrades
  • Patented contact retention feature for positive contact retention during handling and use
  • Positive housing stop during contact deflection for contact anti-overstress protection and superior shock and vibration performance
  • Standard .050" and 1 mm centerline contact grid products available
  • Selectively loaded standard housings allow custom footprints at low tooling cost
  • Low profile design yields superior high-speed electrical performance

cLGA application specific sockets are manufactured in a wide array of custom sizes and variations. Programmable automatic assembly equipment allows sockets to be manufactured in any desired footprint at competitive costs.

Current cLGA ASIC sockets vary from 100 position, low pin count sizes to multi-chip module sockets of 4000 contacts and above.

Standard cLGA sockets can also be selectively loaded to create low tooling cost custom products. Separately molded outer frames of standard sockets can be custom designed and built also to create custom products at reasonable tooling costs.

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