• High speed assembly performance
  • Qualified to both EIA-540BOAE and Telcordia GR-1217-CORE
  • Very low profile interconnection
  • Solderless, screw attach termination to circuit boards
  • High density interconnection - to 127 lines per linear board inch (5 rows on 1 mm (.03937 inch) centers)
  • High reliability because of solderless interconnection
  • Available in standard array sizes on both .050 (1,27 mm) and 1 mm (.03937 inch) centerlines
  • Flex circuit can be mechanically and electrically customized to fit application specifications
  • Standard hardware systems available

InterCon cStack
TM flex circuit assemblies combine low cost termination with high speed, impedance controlled interconnection performance. The patented cStackTM stacking connector* used to terminate these assemblies provides high signal integrity interconnection technology, because of the connector's low (.048 inch) profile between flex and board. Flex circuitry for all cStackTM flex assemblies can be electrically and mechanically customized to exactly fit system specifications.

The cStack
TM stacking connectors used in these assemblies allow solderless interconnection between flex and board, eliminating a principal reliability problem with traditional flex assemblies. Standard and customized hardware systems are available which allow fast, solderless interconnection to circuit boards with only screw attachment required. For thin mating boards, an optional lower bolster plate is available. All standard hardware includes captive attachment screws, eliminating loose component pieces.

TM flex circuit assemblies can be rapidly prototyped, usually in four weeks or less. Full flex circuit design and simulation capabilities are available for both prototype and production design. Contact InterCon Systems for engineering assistance in flex assembly design and application.

TM flex circuit assemblies are provided complete with a connector/stiffener plate/captive screw system, as shown. A circuit board stiffener plate can also be provided, as shown. Standard circuit board stiffener plates are designed to be lightly press fit into unplated circuit board holes. Threaded inserts in these plates are designed to receive the captive screws from the connector/flex assembly.

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