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The InterCon cLGA socket is qualified to both the EIA-540BOAE and the Telcordia GR-1217-CORE specifications, and is the industry's only product that is fully qualified to either specification. The cLGA product has met and exceeded the requirements of both specifications. A full test report from an independent test laboratory is available from InterCon Systems.

Tested in a 1657 position, 1 millimeter centerline size, the product has passed all of the requirements of both specifications, and has exhibited less than a 10 milliohm average resistance change per contact during all tests. No 'glitch' failures were detected during ATC or cyclic humidity testing, and no electrical discontinuities were detected during shock and vibration exposure.

A summary qualification test report of all cLGA testing is included here. A comparison of the cLGA testing to the requirements of the EIA specification, showing all areas in which the InterCon product testing exceeds the requirements of the EIA specification, is also included.

Full EIA/Telcordia Qualification
Test Report
Comparison of cLGA Testing To
EIA Requirements

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